Commited to the highest standards  in our operating processes, Puriflor is setting the tone for an inclusive and eco-responsible vision for all its activities.


Whether its using biomass for our energy needs, harvesting rainwater, making use of solar technology or using biodegradable packaging, all decisions will always be implemented with eco-friendly processes in mind.


Our motto here at Purfilor is simple: Passionately grown, Lovingly cared and Consciously sold. Our approach in participating in this industry is to be amongst the pioneers and leading experts in research and development towards our quest to better understand the many aspects of cannabis cultivation and also its possitive effects on the human body.


We strongly believe that it will be our responsibility to educate our customers and be an important actor in demystifying the cannabis stigma.


We have built a model where our on-going quest for the highest quality of products will have us constantly measuring, transforming and adapting our activities to set the highest standards in the cannabis cultivation industry.


Through the committed involvement  of our stakeholders and the expertise of our staff working in our state of the art facility, Puriflor will put innovation at the forefront of its philosophy.



Ornement blanc feuille

From our "Made in Quebec"  proprietary strains, to our nurseries and propagation systems, we strive to be a brand that values openness, integrity and an uncompromising quality of product.


With our passionate team, we strive to excel in every aspect of the growing phase taking the extra steps to insure consistency and purity in everything that we do.

Heart & Hands Aperçu

All of our harvest and post-harvest operations, including trimming, drying and packaging, will all be done in house insuring the integrity and quality throughout the supply chain.

Our state of the art extraction facility will provide full spectrum oil and extracts for our own delivery platforms and opens the door to third party partners looking to diversify their product offering.

tête blanche

A positive customer experience enjoying our  products safely in a socially responsible manner is an essential part of our business model and the main focus of our communication strategy.

Purfilor is committed to be a leader in, social responsible actions related to the cannabis industry such as education, employment and giving back to the community.

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CHAIRMAN, Co-Founder

Daniel is a leader in the real estate industry, and possesses over 30 years of experience in acquisition, integration of real estate assets and real estate corporations, as well as asset management and financial structuring. Daniel was a founder and Executive Chairman of OneCap Investment Co., a publicly traded company on the TSXV exchange. Previously, he was Senior Vice President of Canada Lands Corporation and President of Oxford Quebec, where he was involved in the acquisition of real estate assets valued at well over one billion and directly responsible for managing the real estate portfolio. Daniel holds an MBA from McGill University and a Bachelor’s degree from Bishop’s University.


CEO, Co-Founder

Ramy brings a background in business management as well as a wide range of global experiences to help the Puriflor team enter the Canadian Cannabis Market. He has been an owner/operator of several industrial & commercial operations including, a family owned holding company focusing primarily on the agri-business and real estate development. Additionally, he has a vast wealth of experience with establishing new facilities for business, via infrastructure procurement, initial setup, and operation. Ramy obtained a Bachelor of Commerce from McGill University in 2000, before obtaining an Executive Masters in Business Administration from McGill University and HEC Montreal in 2014.



Pierre is specialized in real estate law, he has solid experience in financing, sales and acquisitions, including in municipal law issues relating to zoning and urban planning. He acts for real estate developers and owners as well as institutional real estate investors, both Canadian and foreign, in all matters involving their real estate portfolios. Pierre has acquired extensive know-how in negotiating with financial institutions, whether regarding leasing, sales or real estate financing agreements and various partnership agreements. He also represents public authorities and institutions in matters involving privatization and the redevelopment of assets. Pierre holds a B.A in Political Science from University of Montreal and a BCL/LLB from McGill University.


Eric profil.jpg
Eric profil.jpg


Holder of a Bachelor's degree in Marketing and Entrepreneurship from HEC Montreal and a cumulated fifteen-year career in marketing for companies such as Cirque du Soleil, Red Bull and Pharmascience, Eric has been known recently for his role as the CEO of Akufen, a digital marketing agency based in Montreal.. Leading a group of 40 employees, he has worked on more than one hundred brand marketing mandates. Co-owner of several businesses in the hospitality industry as well, Eric recently joined the Puriflor team as the head of the marketing and commercialization vision of the brand.




Scott Pritchard is the President of Pritchard Network Inc. a financial consulting firm. He has also been a consultant and Senior Advisor for Quebec and Eastern Canada for the Canadian Securities Exchange since 2008. He has sat on several public company boards and has been involved in a multitude of go public transactions. Scott has a vast knowledge base of the Canadian small cap public marketplace. He specializes in areas of Investor Relations; early stage financings introductions, accounting, legal and exchange regulatory information, media and press relations, post public market making options, speaking and marketing opportunities for new public companies etc. Scott brings his strong background in investment advising and an impressive network to Puriflor. He is a Bishop’s College School graduate, holds a Bachelor of Arts Degree (Economics) from Queen’s University, Kingston Ontario. He is also a graduate of University Aix-Marseille, France’s program of Language, Literature and History in post graduate studies.